COVID-19 Cases in Oklahoma

Data for this page courtesy of the New York Times

Datum ValueWhere on Graph
Jurisdiction Oklahoma
Population 3.957 millionblue horizontal line
Confirmed Cases 108,100black line starting lower left
Deaths 1,173violet line starting lower left
Precent of Population Infected2.731 %
Cases Growth Rate doubling every 81.4 dayslight blue trend line
Deaths Growth Rate doubling every 134.4 daysdark blue trend line
Predicted 10% of Population 152 days (3-19-2021)intersection of blue trend line with red horizontal line

The graph above is on a logarithmic scale. Each line on the vertical axis represents ten times as many confirmed COVID-19 cases.
Each line on the horizontal axis represents two weeks.

Oklahoma has a population of 3.957 million people.
This is represented by the blue horizontal line on the graph above.

The curve starting at the lower left represents the number of cases found in Oklahoma.
The number of cases in Oklahoma is 108,100 and doubling every 81.4 days.

The light blue line at the end shows where the number of cases will be up to 30 days out, based on trends over the last four days.

The yellow horizontal line represents 1% of the population (39,570).

The red horizontal line represents 10% of the population (395,700).
If present trends continue, there will this many cases in Oklahoma in 152 days, which will be on 3-19-2021