What if your employee screws up and you get sued?

If you have people who work for you, you’ve surely thought about this.

It may have kept you up some nights.

Right or wrong, you’re on the hook, legally, for anything one of your people says or does. Even that new guy who isn’t even fully trained in yet.

And, yes, through training, coaching, mentorship and what-have-you, the risks can be reduced, but never eliminated.

You can buy insurance that will protect you in a lot of situations. But insurance policies have limitations. They may protect you against one thing but not another. What if your lawsuit slips through the cracks?

If they do cover your incident, the insurance company will provide lawyers. But their lawyers will serve their best interests – not necessarily yours.

Of course, you know it’s about here that I’m going to tell you there’s a solution for all of this … and there is.

My good friend Kerry Meagher has a plan that offers lawsuit protection not only for yourself, but for your company. (US only – sorry to all my international friends)

Should you ever be named in a lawsuit (and I hope you never are), you get a lawyer on your side. Representing your best interests. Even if your business insurance covers the incident, too, they will have their lawyer and you will have your lawyer. That’s peace of mind.

What’s more, this plan can help you avoid costly litigation by helping take care of some things up front.

For example, you won’t have to wait to get sued to talk to a lawyer. The plan includes legal consultation on unlimited business matters. For example, hiring and firing, or customer complaints.

It also includes contract and document review. Anything that you are asked to sign, they will review for you at no additional cost. For example, equipment leases or service contracts.

Now, if you need documents prepared, that is another matter. Document creation is not included. However, if you create your own legal documents, they will review those free of charge.

If you just need a letter written, they will do that for you at no additional cost. Phone calls, too. Sometimes a phone call or letter on an attorney’s letterhead is all it takes to get the results you want. I can tell you that from my own experience. And yes, I used this service, and it cost me nothing extra.

They will help you with debt collection, too. So not only do they save you money, they can help keep the money rolling in!

Best of all, this protection is very affordable:

For a business with less than 10 people, it’s only $39 per month.That’s just over a dollar a day to be able to sleep at night.

Between 11 and 50 employees, it goes up to $89 per month. That’s just over $1000 per year to have the bulk of your legal problems dealt with.

If you have between 50 and 100 people, it’s $139 monthly. Over 100 employees, you’re on your own. Sorry, bub.

For more information, please give Kerry a call at (612)619-1725. Tell him Brian, The Numbers Coach, sent you.

And please, do it now, before that new guy goes and gets you sued!


PS If you hate the phone, you can reach Kerry by email at kmeagher(at)integra.net.

PPS Kerry also has personal legal plans and identity theft protection for under $20 per month. These can also be added as an employee benefit! Ask Kerry for details.