Websites: Simple Isn’t Always Better

Jim sells batteries.

Jim wants a new website with an updated shopping cart.

Simple. (For me — I own a website development company … )

The batteries Jim sells go into medical devices. Stuff like they have in hospitals.

Turns out Jim sells 4000 different kinds of batteries. Way more than I expected, but the cart can handle it.

Still simple.

Then he tells me about these pages on his site that cross reference every device you might find in a hospital to the battery that goes in it. Hundreds of pages. Thousands of entries.

They’re all maintained by hand.

Not simple.

Not fun.

Not acceptable in my book!

We end up adding custom software that lets him do away with all those pages. They are replaced with a program that generates the pages on the fly using database look-ups. No more HTML pages to maintain.

We also add and an elegant means of maintaining it all.

No more Excel spreadsheets. Just one complicated system on the back end. It keeps their new shopping cart simple and elegant to maintain and use.

Here’s the interesting thing: The old site had simplicity — simple HTML pages with links. No database.

But keeping that up by hand was nearly impossible.

The solution that replaces it is complicated. It requires a database and custom programming.

But now keeping it up is simple.

It’s a question of where you put the complexity. They put it on people. I put it on software.

You know where there is complexity in your website. And you know there should be a way to put that complexity onto software instead of on your people. But you didn’t know how.

Well now you do.

I build the stuff that most people can’t — complex websites that are easy to use.

I did it for Perry Marshall, I did it for Jim, and I can do it for you.

Contact me and let’s talk.