COVID-19 growth US

The coronavirus is still spreading exponentially across the United States.

It is not one outbreak. It is many outbreaks all across the country.

Beginning in the middle of March, 2020, I started writing about COVID-19 and its spread in the US.

It began when I noticed that the spread was numerically predictable.

I pushed this email out to TheNumbersCoach mailing list:

This led to two more articles, and a collection of tools which are available here:

These tools allow you to look at current trends (updated daily) for

  • the whole US
  • for any state
  • or any county that has the virus

You can see

  • what percent of the population has the virus
  • the growth rate of new cases
  • the growth rate of deaths
  • how your state or county compares with other states and counties
  • and much more

Please feel free to use these tools and pass them on to anyone who may find them useful.