80/20 Reputation Management

What is your reputation online?

Everyone knows that reputation is vital.

I believe that your reputation is the most valuable asset you have.

If your reputation goes up, you’ll get more and better customers. If your reputation goes down, well, it was nice knowing you!

This is a huge challenge in this 21st century online online world. How do you keep tabs on reputation without making yourself crazy? There are hundreds of directory and review sites out there. Just keeping an eye on it is a daunting task.

So here’s the 80/20 of it: Most of us get good reviews most of the time. Yet, haven’t we all had challenging customers and situations, too?

All it takes is one of those people to go and do something malicious on a review site to cause a lot of damage. There’s the 20% of reviews that cause 80% of the trouble. It doesn’t really take much.

If you see someone with four good reviews and one bad one, don’t you tend to read the one bad one, just to see what happened? I usually see an unfortunate person, not an unfortunate situation, but I’m not sure everyone looks at things that way.

The flip side is, good situations can turn into good reviews. These can be promoted and leveraged to bring up your reputation. Of course, that takes time and effort, too.

What can you do to spend the least amount of time on this, and get the best results?

Are there negative reviews out there that you don’t even know about?

Can you be found in all the places your next customer might be looking for you?

Get answers to these with The Numbers Coach Reputation Discovery Session.

Watch the video below to learn about The Numbers Coach Reputation Discovery process to better understand what it could mean for you.

The report generator is “aware” of about 2,000 directory and review sites. Based on your location and business category, they narrow that list down to about 100 sites that are relevant to your business. The report generator tries to find for your business by name, address, web address and phone number. It reports back the results, including details like where your address and phone are not quite right, etc. It also rates the results on a scale from 0 to 100.

When I did this for my company, I found I had three reviews on a site I never heard of before. They were all legit, and all favorable (praise God). If there had been a stinker out there, I would never have known about it without this tool!

Now, most peoples scores are way less than 50. But the good news is, we can do something about it.


Karen’s list of “major players”:

  • Bing
  • Google Plus (now Google My Business)
  • Yahoo Local
  • White Pages
  • Yellow Pages
  • SuperPages
  • Dex Knows
  • Merchant Circle

Social media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare


Book Your Reputation Discovery Session Now

Includes full reputation report and 30 minute session ($90 fee can be applied to a reputation enhancement program).

About the Reputation Assessment

In this 30 minute session we will take a look at where you are currently, where you want to go, and the best path to get there.

You will receive The Numbers Coach Reputation Assessment Report.

This report is compiled by searching for your business listing all over the Internet.  Especially directory and review sites that rank highest in search engines. The  places your new prospects are most likely to look for you.

The listings that are found are scored for completeness and accuracy. User reviews are taken into account. All of this is summarized in a single number on a scale from 0 to 100.

The best thing about this number is we can move it. And the full $90 price of the discovery session can be applied to any of our reputation enhancement programs.

Click the button to book your $90 Reputation Discovery Session online now. First come first served, so book now to get the earliest possible time slot!

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