Custom Sales Funnel

Most web sites don’t work.

Sure, the images all come up, and the links all work. But that just means the website functions. It doesn’t actually work.

It doesn’t sell a product or produce a customer, or even a lead. That’s work, and most of that work is left to the humans to do.

If you want a web site that works, you need three things:

  1. a good reason for people to give their email address
  2. a good presentation of the good thing in #1 above
  3. a good follow up email campaign

This is exactly what the Custom Sales Funnel is all about.

First of all, it is your web site content. Most people can’t write well, and yet they create all their own content for their own websites. Let me do that for you. By having good content there, they will not leave and go to your competitor. They will stay, and want to keep getting more of the good information you have to offer.

We will try to get the user to a page where we show them our irresistible offer. An offer of a free report in exchange for their email address.

The free report will be something along the lines of “The Top 20 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Spend Any Money On [whatever you sell]”

To the person who is about to spend money in your industry, they are probably eager to learn those top 20 things. I will create this report for you. You will help make sure it is truthful. I will make sure it is readable, and that after reading it, they will want to business with you.

We will also put them into an autoresponder campaign when they download the document. So even if they never read the document, we get value out of their email address.

And if they do read your document, they won’t forget you! Because you’ll be in their inbox every day for a week. Or every other day for two weeks. Or however we figure out works best. I will create these emails for you.

The combination of good website content, a good report and a good followup email campaign will provide a “triple threat” sure to capture leads, nurture those new prospects and close business.

This is the formula for a web site that works.

The total price for the Custom Sales Funnel package is $3,997.

Place only $1,997 down today.

Balance due upon completion. The balance must be paid in full before your web site goes live.