Custom Website

The Custom Website service is just what it sounds like. Your own marketing website complete with custom graphics (up to 10 hours) plus a content manager like WordPress to make it all easy to maintain.

Of course it will also have other bells and whistles, like a blog, social media integration, etc.

Whatever makes sense for your business. Every business is different, and this is a custom* product.

It will do exactly what is best for your business.

I will personally help you make those decisions in setting it all up for you. So, yes, some of my time coaching you on that is automatically included.

Website content is your responsibility with this product. I build the road and you drive on it. You provide all the images and the words – all the content for the site. My team just makes sure it looks good and comes up the way it is supposed to.

The Custom Website service retails for $4997.

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Website Content

If you don’t want to have the responsibility for the website content, take a look at the Custom Sales Funnel. It’s the text for the website plus a lot more.

It’s also the “lead magnet” — a report that people get when they sign up for your mailing list, and an autoresponder email campaign to follow up with customers after they get their free download.

Learn more about the Custom Sales Funnel

That’s a lot of copy, and that’s why it’s $3997. It’s all the copy for your website (up to five pages), plus a report for customers, which is likely to be many pages long, plus six juicy emails.

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The whole “enchilada”

If you order both products, Custom Website and Custom Sales Funnel, you get a discount. That’s for a custom designed WordPress site, my expertise in setting that up, plus the content for the site, a report to give away to your customers, and the follow-up campaign.


Save almost $550 when you order both.
Only $8,447 for the whole “enchilada.”

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Feel free to contact me to start the conversation.



* (custom here means custom configured – we can’t custom create new plugins at this price, even if you do “need” them! Contact us to learn more about our websites created with Custom Functionality.)