People say you stink (what are you going to do about it?)

Once upon a time, I had a very negative review on Yelp.

But it wasn’t from a customer. It was from a competitor.

I didn’t know about it until Google picked it up and put it on my Google Local listing. Back then, I think it was called Google Places.

Anyone who used Google Maps to find directions to my office (maybe for a first meeting) would see it.

Eventually, it occurred to me that Yelp probably didn’t want this review on their site any more than I did. I alerted them to it, and it was taken down right away.

But how much damage to my reputation had already been done? I’ll never know. The calls that never came in are something that I can not count. I’ll never know how much money I didn’t make, due to this bogus bad review.

Does your reputation impact your numbers? Yes, absolutely. I see my reputation as my most valuable asset.

Is this something you can have an influence on? Yes.

And if you’re not taking an active role in this, you can’t be sure you have the reputation you want or deserve.

Your reputation is too important to leave to chance – or to your worst customer or fiercest competitor!

It’s something you have to take seriously.

Yet, with hundreds of directory and review sites out there, how can you keep an eye on things without it becoming your full time job? The question quickly moves from reputation management to time management.

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Sep 18, 2014