Break your New Year’s resolutions?

Why? It hasn’t even been a week!

Well, I don’t want you to break all your New Year’s resolutions. Some of them you will want to keep.

Maybe you resolved to be a better spouse or parent. Those are keepers.

Maybe you resolved to learn something new or get healthier or make some other personal improvement. Go for it! I’m rootin’ for ya!

The resolutions I want you to break are the ones that might hurt you.

People hurt themselves when they try to do something by themselves that they really shouldn’t.

For example, if you resolved to build a new website, but don’t really have the skills to do it yourself. You will end up frustrated when you don’t get the results you want.

Or you resolved to create an email campaign that will engage your customers, but you really aren’t a writer. Or maybe you’re not the right kind of writer. Right words get right results. Wrong words get wrong results.

Surely you made a resolution to grow your business this year. That’s a keeper.

The New Year’s resolution I want you to break is about the action you need to take, but that you should not take yourself.

Resolve to get the results. Find the right person to perform the action.

There are so many great people that can do things for you.

There are also a lot of charlatans out there, eager to take your money, and not so eager to earn it.

This fact is something I know all too well, and have been battling from the other side for years!

I started my business as a “web guy”. Web guys used to have the worst reputations in the marketplace for making promises they do not keep! When I would hand somebody a business card that says, “Brian Woodruff, Web Guy”, I would spend the next 15 minutes trying to get my reputation back up to zero!

So, believe me, I know your pain in finding quality people to hire.

One great way to find great people is to get a referral from someone you trust. This is what Ivan Misner famously called “The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret” in the title of his best selling book.

So if you know people who know people, you can probably sniff around and find the talent you need to make your thing happen.

If you haven’t been able to find the right person for a task, here is the commitment I am willing to make to you: I will help you find the right person.

I’ve been in business for myself full time for 16 years now. Along the way, I’ve made a ton of contacts. I know experts at just about everything. People I trust enough to recommend to you, dear reader, and put my reputation on the line in the process.

Is there a good chance I’ll want to keep your project in house and earn the money myself? Well, yes, of course. I’m trying to grow my business, too!

I am making a greater commitment to you than that.

If I can’t perform your task personally, I will give you up to 30 minutes of “free consulting” to help you find someone who can. I may have someone in my back pocket that would be perfect. I may be able to activate my extended network to help you. Or, I may be able to help you activate your own network to find the right person for the job.

If I am not able to help you find the right person. I will tell you so. I’d rather be honest about that than have you hire the wrong person because of me!

The things I personally do best include:

  • functional website development — like I did  for Perry Marshall with – building something really complex that the world has never seen before. I can usually come in waaay under anybody else’s price on a project like this. That “weird idea” that you thought you couldn’t afford to implement might be possible after all! It won’t cost you anything to get the answer.
  • marketing website development — probably WordPress, and probably right around $5000 unless your needs are extraordinary.
  • persuasive copy writing — if you’re reading this, you probably like my style. I can write copy like this for you, too.

I would love it if you had a New Year’s resolution that were something I could do. Break your resolution — I’ll keep it for you!

If not, I resolve to help you find someone who can.

Contact me to start the conversation.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Let’s make 2016 our best year ever!

Carpe Numero! (seize the numbers)

Jan 6, 2016