How the Fortune™ 100 dominate the marketplace

Have you ever tried to talk to someone and it was like you were speaking a different language?

Isn’t that frustrating?

Because if you can’t communicate, you won’t get the response you want.  And if you’re in business, that’s trouble.

So why does this happen? Even though you literally speak the same language, it’s like the message is not going in.

The answer is that we all have our own way of thinking — of giving and receiving information. When you are talking with someone that thinks the way you do, everything is cool. When you’re not, things tend to go south. Fast.

On the other hand, what if you could tweak your message … make it fit the thinking of the person you  are trying to talk to. Wouldn’t  that make the message go in? Better communication means better understanding, more sales, more growth, more of everything that you want.

One big difference in the way people think is a person’s buying habit. Each of us has a different way that we think when making a decision to buy. These are The 5 Buying Habits of the American Public.

The largest businesses and advertisers know all about the 5 buying habits. This is why car companies produce cars for each buying habit. Breakfast cereals are designed to match people’s buying habit, too.

If you turn on your TV, radio, or if you’re online,  you have all these major advertisers impacting you in just a few seconds. They’re getting people to buy their products. How is it done? They know the buying habits.

When you learn the 5 buying habits, you will learn something that the vast majority of small to medium businesses do not know. You will learn who your customer is — who you are reaching out to — and how to reach out to them.

Best of all, knowing this information, you can craft a message that is elegant — one that respects the person’s buying habit. You can do it in a way that they can enjoy the message and feel good about buying your product or service.

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