Your failing team: can’t we all just get along?

There are all kinds of things geared towards building better teams.

Like anything else, some are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly!

Most that I have seen try to build team unity through fun or exciting or challenging events.

But I think the most challenging thing about being part of a team is the diversity of people on it. And by diversity, I don’t mean race or religion. I mean people are driven by different things. What turns on one team member turns off another. So how can you ever achieve unity?

The best way I know to achieve team unity is to take the team’s diversity and turn it into an advantage.

What if each person’s drives were respected when tasks were assigned?

What if everyone on the team understood each others drives?

What if that understanding changed people’s feelings about one another?

I’ll tell you what happens. Excitement goes up, production goes up, morale goes up, and the team is unified like never before.

This is what Core Passion® Team Building is all about.

The Core Passion® Assessment measures a person’s drives.

Everyone  takes the assessment. They get trained on what Core Passion® is and what it means. When they see their own assessment report, they get to know themselves.

Then the real magic begins. They get to see their team report. This shows all the differences and similarities across the entire team.

They begin to see how they fit into the bigger picture. Each team member also sees how the rest of the team works.

There is another magical thing that happens when people understand each other’s Core Passions®. They respect each other. People who are almost exact opposites suddenly “get” each other. They realize that though they are different, they can work together and achieve things they could never achieve by themselves.

That’s team.

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Carpe numero (seize the numbers)

Aug 27, 2014