Your Website Doesn’t Work

Back in 2000, my company’s tag line was, “Websites That Work”.

I was trying to point out that my web sites weren’t just online brochures. They actually performed tasks, like scoring a quiz or tracking an event. That was the former engineer in me, driving technology forward.

Since then I’ve realized I wasn’t solving people’s biggest problem. The crimp in the hourglass for nearly every business is getting their next customer.

So I’ve become an expert at that. I now believe getting one more customer is the best work a website can do.

Yet, most people’s web sites don’t do this well at all. As far as getting new customers goes, most web sites don’t work.

If you want a web site that works, you need three things (Internet Marketing 101):

  1. A good reason for people to give their email address:
    Seasoned Internet Marketers call this a “lead magnet” or “ethical bribe”. Something you can give away, but that has high value to a prospect. It’s often an information product like a free report, e-book or video.
  2. A good presentation of that lead magnet, or ethical bribe:
    This is the “squeeze page”. We ask the user to give us their email address, so we can send them the free thing that they want. They will also agree to join our mailing list.
  3. A good follow up email campaign.

Sometimes you can take the lead magnet and break it up into an email series. You also need some emails that actually ask for the sale.

This is why I created Custom Sales Funnel. This service covers all three of these areas.

First of all, it is your web site content. Most people can’t write well, and yet they create all their own content for their own websites. Let me do that for you. By having good content there, people will not leave and go to your competitor. They will stay and want to keep getting more of the good information you have.

If they are not ready to buy today, we want them to see our offer. They get our free report in exchange for their email address.

The report will be something along the lines of “The Top 20 Things You Absolutely Need To Know Before You Spend Any Money On [whatever you sell]”

Someone who is serious about spending money soon should be eager to learn those top 20 things. I will create this report with your help. You will help me keep it truthful. I will make sure it is readable, and that after reading it, people will want to business with you.

When they get their free report, we will also put them into an email campaign.

This is so that after they read your report, they won’t put it down and forget you! You’ll be in their inbox every day for a week. Or every other day for two weeks. Or however we figure out works best. I will create these emails for you.

This is the Internet Marketing “triple threat”: good website content, a good report and a good followup campaign. This combo will serve to capture leads, nurture those new prospects and close business.

This is the formula for a web site that works.

You can get started now:

I still build websites too:

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Sep 1, 2014