Why I hate “Under Construction” signs

I hate “under construction” signs. Not on roads, where they are useful – but on people’s websites.

My point being that websites should always be under construction. If you’re not constantly updating, you’re not leveraging the medium. You’re getting left behind.

So, why do “under construction” signs upset me?

Because, first of all, if you have a new page with no content – don’t link to it. No one wants to see it while it’s under construction.

More importantly, when I go to somebody’s website, I expect that the content is fresh, or at least current, and that there’s been some “construction” recently.

Honestly, rather than see a construction sign on every well maintained site, I would like to see a warning sign the on rest of them:

“Look out – we haven’t updated our site in years and frankly, we don’t even remember what’s on it anymore!”

A sign like that would be useful. I would know to take my business elsewhere.

Under construction signs on web pages have been a pet peeve of mine for years. I thought about it this week because I’ve been doing a lot of work on TheNumbersCoach.com.

The updated site isn’t perfect, but it it’s much better than it was.

If you’ve been following my stories, most of the content will be familiar to you.

Naturally, there’s lots more to come. The site will always be under construction.

But you will never see a sign saying so.

Carpe numero.

Sep 12, 2014