Are you working today?

There is something to be said for working when nobody else is.

A long time ago I knew a real estate agent named Bruce.

I didn’t learn a lot from Bruce, but I did learn one thing that became a cornerstone philosophy for me.

We were talking about the seasonal nature of business and I guessed that December would be his slowest month.

His response really surprised me. He said:

December is a slow month for real estate.
Most guys don’t work very hard in December.
They expect that nothing is going to happen anyway, so why bother?
I, on the other hand, work just as hard in December as any other month.
And you know what?
There are buyers looking!
There are sellers selling!
And I’m the only guy working hard to help them out!
As a result, December is usually my best month!
But for most other guys it’s their worst.

Now I know that working on a holiday isn’t exactly the same thing Bruce was talking about.

His story is more about hidden opportunities.

Bruce was looking, and found one right there on the last month of his calendar.

Yours may be somewhere else. But if you don’t look, you’ll never find it.

Jan 2, 2017